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Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4

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Former Ash-Ra Tempel guitarist and main man Göttsching was a key player in the hugely influential Kosmische Musik genre. His collaborations with Klaus Schulze are regarded as some of the most important of the 70s and eighties and although generally unknown in the pop world he remains a giant figure with those who know. It's widely agreed upon that with this record, he  invented techno by mistake. Originally recorded in 1981 but shelved by the artist (for reasons only he could tell you about) until 1984, E2-E4,( named after a chess move! how conceptual can you get?)  was released and…

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Jim Sullivan – U.F.O.

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Some time in 2010, I was scouring a record shop in Soho, London. Disappointed that I hadn't found a great deal to get excited about to be honest. A Brazilian 70s re-issue I was looking for perhaps. As I did a final scan of the racks, the music playing in the shop changed from a nice (but generic) jazzy house to something very different. A kind of orchestrated folk/rock with a trippy dark undertone, certainly a late 60s sound with a deep knowing country soul vocal. The playing was tight, funky and controlled and the sound was part David Axelrod,…

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Holger Czukay – Movies

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In 1979 ,after leaving the hugely influential experimental german group Can . Holger Czukay had a vision quite unlike anyone else . This vision was the album Movies. Sometime previously, between 1963 and 1966 while studying under Karl Heinz Stockhausen , Czukay's mentor and teacher gave to him what was to become his greatest advice , "Find your own sound" . These words resonated profoundly with the young Holger and after experiencing a musical epiphany on hearing The Beatles' I Am The Walrus , Czukay decided to desert his career as a music teacher and form a band. Twelve years…

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Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again

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Pond - Man It Feels Like Space Again I'm new to Pond. This looks like their sixth album project and a quick glance tells me they're connected to Tame Impala, who I really like . Formed in Perth, Australia seven years ago as a kind of psychedelic freedom bus where collaborators could express their mind and play whatever they feel. Pond seem to echo that true original psych spirit where record companies and radio stations are muffled into white-out oblivion by the sound of art and psychedelics. Ladies and Gentlemen we are walking a 1000 mile high tightrope with no…

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Next Stop Soweto vol 4

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Zulu Rock, Afro-Disco and Mbaqanga 1975 - 1985 Ridiculously good 15 track compilation from the ever reliable Strut Records . There are dozens of comps released every month and I for one am a big fan when the labels get it right . Invariably, Strut dig hard and deep to present uncovered sounds from around the planet often from lost eras  and their catalogue is full of funk. This is Volume 4 in the Next Stop Soweto title and despite previous volumes being 5 star collections , this latest edition has the edge to make it the cream of the…

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Jane Weaver – The Silver Globe

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The Silver Globe I've lived with The Silver Globe  over Christmas and on long winter jaunts in my car during January . It made my 'Best Of 2014 ' and I'm pleased to say  it appeared in a few other end of year lists  too. Sometimes that's all you need to justify loving an album . Someone else agreeing with you. You could be the only two in the universe, but that matters little. You've formed your appreciation society and you know you'll pick up more believers along the way. It's this notion that got me to review The Silver…

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