Jane Weaver – The Silver Globe

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The Silver Globe

I’ve lived with The Silver Globe  over Christmas and on long winter jaunts in my car during January . It made my ‘Best Of 2014 ‘ and I’m pleased to say  it appeared in a few other end of year lists  too. Sometimes that’s all you need to justify loving an album . Someone else agreeing with you. You could be the only two in the universe, but that matters little. You’ve formed your appreciation society and you know you’ll pick up more believers along the way. It’s this notion that got me to review The Silver Globe , three months after it was released because it’s taken this long for it to go from an album I really like , to an album I totally LOVE!   A mainstay of Manchester’s underground music scene for 20 years, Liverpudlian Jane Weaver’s known for her  psych flavoured folk transmissions including 2007’s Cherlokalate and the record that tuned me onto her solo work , 2010’s The Fallen By Watchbird. (Legend has it, that Coldplay’s Chris Martin called Ms Weaver directly to get permission to use a vocal sample from her song  Silver Chord on the track Another’s Arms from their 2014 album Ghost Stories.)  I wonder if he has Kraftwerk’s number?

The Silver Globe takes it’s title from the bleak 1988 post-apocalyptic film ‘Na Srebrynm Globie’  (‘On The Silver Globe ‘ ) by Polish director Andrzej Zulawski . A film that was originally snuffed out before production a decade or so earlier by a paranoid and fearful  government lost on the idea that it might inform it’s people of a failing totalitarian system. I’m not sure how much of this informs the music here but it’s clear that this is much more of a cosmic affair than previous outings. Sweeping 70s synth tones and motorik rhythms give the album that Space Rock’ feel and that’s a good thing. It takes Jane’s songs and frames them fearlessly in a cloak of ‘kraut’ .  The Electric Mountain joyfully samples Hawkwind’s ‘Star Cannibal’ and carves a glorious pop anthem from an alternate universe while the stunning Argent echoes  Stereolab’s French Disko . At the centre of this beguiling set is Don’t Take My Soul , a mesmerising synth-pop classic in anyone’s book . If this was Kate Bush , planet earth would stand up and salute a living genius , It really is that good. Even better but less radio immediate is Mission Desire , a spiralling ziggy-esque soup of (European 70s) cinematic prog magic which sounds both futuristic and old in the finest way possible. Stealing Gold brings to mind Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood  in twinkly music box lullaby mode perfecting the perfect druggy dream while album closer Your Time In This Life Is Just Temporary is beautifully thematic and the perfect ending to one of the best albums in the last five years. If you haven’t I suggest you investigate fully. You won’t regret the move.




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