Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again

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Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again

I’m new to Pond. This looks like their sixth album project and a quick glance tells me they’re connected to Tame Impala, who I really like . Formed in Perth, Australia seven years ago as a kind of psychedelic freedom bus where collaborators could express their mind and play whatever they feel. Pond seem to echo that true original psych spirit where record companies and radio stations are muffled into white-out oblivion by the sound of art and psychedelics. Ladies and Gentlemen we are walking a 1000 mile high tightrope with no fear of falling onto the planet below. So, I’m late to the party it seems but I have been so enamoured so quickly by this record that I had to tell you what it’s doing to me. Sorry Pond Fan Club original members. Please forgive me! I’m addicted to your band after just one trip!

Waiting Around For Grace begins with a pretty aching whimsy before riffing somehow into a Tom Petty-esque open road song with synths and choirs swelling the effect to 11 on the sun-dial. Elvis’ Flaming Star ramps up the energy and tinkers with 50s slapback over a wall of fuzzed out rock n roll confusion where the edges have been smoothed over by candle wax and my current beau Zond plays your favourite riff you’ve never heard before and a demented spaced out female vocal leads a quick march to insanity city. It’s Blondie on more beautiful drugs , half blinding you into submission below an impenetrable layer of skyscraper sized reverb . By the time we get to Medicine Hat with it’s shimmering 6/8 acoustic heart beating into the night and evoking Neil Young if he cheered up slightly , Pond have inducted us into their gang and we gleefully pile into a pick-up stolen from Mercury Rev and head into the desert . On the way we encounter a kind of lysergic Sly And The Family Stone with Outside Is The Right Side and a fearless nod to Pink Floyd on Sitting Up On Our Crane .

The title song completely lives up it’s ‘heart on sleeve’ title as a sugar dipped UFO melts into the sunset, then suddenly zooms out into the cosmos with a translucent Sgt Pepper as captain and The Soft Machine reading the maps.




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